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Advanced boolean search


For each search term use and operator. An operator is a special character just before the term. The characters you can use are:
  • + Indicates that the word must be included in each result
  • - Indicates that the word must not be included in each result
  • < Makes the word less relevant in the search result order
  • > Makes the word more relevant in the search result order
  • () Use to group sub expressions
  • "" Use to search for a phrase
Here are some examples:
  • peach plum Find rows that contain at least one of the words
  • +peach +nectar Find rows that contain both words
  • +peach schnapps Find peach, but rank it higher if it also includes schnapps
  • +peach -nectarine Find peach, but only if it doesn't include a necarine
  • +peach +(>cobbler <pie) peach and pie or peach and cobbler, but rank cobbler higher
  • "Reyna sucks" Search for negative comments about Reyna

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