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Busy June!!
Andrea Webb - Jul 6th, 2007 - 14:31:00
Basic Blog
Since the 9th of June, our family has driven over 3000 miles, traveled through 3 states other than Missouri, visited with family and eaten a lot of sunflower seeds. Our adventures started with a family trip to Colorado that was prompted by our friends' wedding in Ellsworth, KS.  1 penny, 1 urgent care visit and 1 ER vacation= priceless.  We missed the wedding and arrived at the hotel in time to relax and get ready for the reception.  Great party!  It made up for missing the wedding.  After visiting and breakfast, we had a 6 1/2 hour drive to Cascade, CO.  Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado didn't make for an interesting drive, but when mountains showed up on the horizon, WOW! treated us well and was centrally located for all we wanted to see and do. *Day 1*  Our family rode the incline railway to the bottom of the Royal Gorge, walked across the bridge, took pictures of white baby buffalos and the kids panned for gold and garnets.  *Day 2*  We hiked and climbed our way through Garden of the Gods.  The kids held up some rocks, squeezed in tight spaces and found a giant.  Afterwards, we got rained on walking around Old Colorado City.  Sean caught his first Rainbow trout back at camp.  *Day 3*   It was time to drive through the mountains to Breckenridge.  The kids had fun looking for souvenirs and spying the ski lifts.  Ben and I couldn't get enough of the scenery.  After eating and shopping, we headed back to camp and Sean caught his second Rainbow trout with his new friend Cade.  *Day 4*  It wasn't enough to look at Pikes Peak from the ground, we wanted to drive to the top.  Before you start up, they recommend having at least 1/2 a tank of gas.  This tells you it's quite a drive and you don't want to call for a tow truck.  I enjoyed driving the winding roads and steep inclines.  We only made it up 17 of the 19 miles because of a snow storm the day before, but still managed to get above 13,000 ft. *Day 5*  Our family decided it was time to do some climbing.  This wasn't your average climb though, 224 steps to the top of Seven Falls.  Then we rode the in-mountain elevator up 14 stories to the Eagles Nest for some great pictures of the waterfalls.  We stopped back in the Mason Jar for an excellent dinner.  *Day 6*  It was going to be a long drive home, but none of us was really ready to go.  Ben and I traded off and made it after 13 hours. (12 if you count the time zone change)
Back from Belize
Andrea Webb - Jan 27th, 2007 - 15:32:00
Well, we made it back and boy was it a blast!  We stayed on Caye Caulker, at the Iguana Reef Inn.   We had a great time and the inn was really nice.  My only complaint would be that they're adding a pool (for why I don't know... the ocean is a giant pool itself) and it blocks the ocean view from the bar.  It wasn't a huge deal, we just had to hang out at other bars.

While we were out, we went snorkeling with Carlos, something I would highly recommend.  What made that so good was Carlos' local knowledge... he took us to one spot where a local fisherman happens to clean his catch everyday.  As a result, there were so many rays that we had to be careful not to step on one!!

We also saw the Mayan site of Lamanai.  It's not the biggest Mayan site out there, but it was occupied longer than any other site.  Really incredible!

While we were there, met a lot of cool people and pretty much had a better time than we could imagine!
Gift lists added
Ben Webb - Nov 29th, 2006 - 22:47:18
Basic Blog
New gift lists have been added!  Let the commercialism commence!
Back from the hike
Ben Webb - Oct 10th, 2006 - 09:50:00
Southern exposure on Bell MountainWow, had a great trip hiking with Bryan.  We went to Taum Sauk state park in eastern Missouri.  The trip was great and one I hope to repeat.  We went to the high point of Missouri on Taum Sauk mountain which was not so impressive.  What was impressive were the sections of Ozark Trail that we were able to hike.  the OT is a very well maintained trail with excellent scenery.  We didn't see a lot of trash on the trail so it's either well looked after or attracts a very responsible brand of hiker.

The Bell Mountain wilderness area was also excellent, and for being in Missouri quite rugged.  The hike up Bell Mountain from the southern trailhead involves about a 600 foot elevation gain. 

All in all this was an outstanding trip, I highly reccomend it. 

Also, click my picture... it links to a flickr set of photos from the trip!

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